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Pure Reiki Fire
Pure Reiki Fire is the healing services of   Laurie L. French Reiki Master-Teacher. She uses the Usui Reiki technique to help alleviate stressful energies in the body so it can start to heal itself naturally. She also passes her wisdom of Reiki to help create Reiki healers through her classes.
Using the Amethyst Bio-Mat in tandem with Reiki, Laurie provides a very comfortable healing experience. The Bio-Mat uses far-infrared radiation, which is known to support healthy cell growth and regeneration. Scientific studies have shown that increasing infrared radiation may correspondingly increase energy levels in the body. The low level of heat emitted by amethyst crystals may help provide a sense of calm for the body, providing favorable effects for supporting a healthy sleep cycle. Research also shows amethyst enhanced far-infrared radiation may promote antioxidant activity within the body.
Also on the Bio-Mat Laurie offers limited massage services. She offers a tension relieving neck and scalp massage which has been known to provide relief for most types of headaches, a hand and arm massage to relieve pain associated with carpal tunnel and tendonitis, and a reflexive foot massage for foot and overall body health.

Reiki can be sent anywhere in the world. To request a Distance Reiki Session please fill out the form below.

Laurie Fox Shop
Laurie French
Saginaw, MI

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