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About Laurie Fox Shop
Laurie Fox Shop is an eclectic collection of works created by Laurie French.
Laurie is a mixed media artist, energy healer, and creator of a comic originally called "Fuel Fox and Friends."
As an artist, she uses various materials and colors to create works of fun art for sale.
This Reiki Master and teacher attends various holistic and psychic fairs promoting the benefits of energy healing.
Fuel Fox and Friends is a happy little comic strip based on working in a gas station and finding comedy in everyday life. Once she left the gas station life the Fuel Fox strip was reanamed "Ginger Fox and Friends."

Laurie French is a married middle aged mother of one human and several animals. She has in fact worked in a gas station that inspired her comic strip. She finds happiness in acrylic painting, fluid art, crafts, collecting fox inspired items, and an occasional glass of wine. She's basically a typical woman.
Laurie Fox Shop
Laurie French
Saginaw, MI

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